Research Papers
When words are communicated to us through music we are much more likely to remember them.
The scientific research papers below outline the reason why.


The effects of songs in the foreign language classroom on text recall, delayed text recall and involuntary mental rehearsal
The purpose of the present study is to investigate whether English native-speaker students learning a foreign language can benefit from integrating music into the curriculum.
Download study: The_effects_of_songs_on_text_recall.pdf

The effect of music in the learning and retention of lexical items in German
The purpose of the study reported in this paper was to investigate the effectiveness of music as a mediation factor in the learning and retention of lexical units in German language sequences.
Download study: Songs_ improve_ boys'_learning.pdf



Effects of singing on the vocabulary acquisition of university Japanese foreign language students
The purpose of this study was to examine the effects of singing on the acquisition of FL vocabulary, by comparing the number of items recalled by university students assigned to a singing group with those in a non-singing group.
Download study: Songs_and_vocabulary_acquisition.pdf

The effects of songs on EFL learners' vocabulary recall and retention: The case of gender
The present study attempted to investigate the effects of songs on vocabulary learning of upper-level language learners based on their gender.
Download study: Songs_and_vocabulary_retention.pdf


Teaching vocabulary through music
This work is concerns using popular songs to teach English, especially vocabulary since learning vocabulary is one of the key elements in learning a foreign language and has always caused students difficulties.
Download study: Teaching_vocabulary_through_music.pdf

Effectiveness of music on vocabulary acquisition, language usage, and meaning for mainland Chinese ESL learners
Using an experimental approach, this study examined the relative effectiveness of varying the use of songs (lyrics and music) on vocabulary acquisition, language usage, and meaning for adult ESL students in the People’s Republic of China.
Download study: Effectiveness_of_music_on_ vocabulary_acquisition.pdf