"Nothing activates the brain as extensively as music"

Dr. Oliver Sacks - Professor of Neurology

Sample Song: El pleo y los ojos

Worksheet: 7. Ejercicios_El_Pelo_Y_ Los_Ojos

Lyrics to all Spanish songs

Sample Song: School Subjects

Generic: 11._School_Subjects_gen
German: 11._School_Subjects_DE

Lyrics to all English songs

Sample Song: Die Wochentage

Lyrics to all German songs

Please note: The German worksheets are currently being worked on. They will be released during the course of this school year. For the time being only songs and videos are available.

What does Caliso offer?

Drawing (5)Three World Languages
Caliso offers musical language learning across three world languages, Spanish, German and English. New activities, languages and features are frequently added.

Our Languages

Drawing (2)Songs and Cartoons
Kids love music and kids love cartoons, so we have mixed them to create a powerful foreign language learning tool that works by immersing students into foreign languages and avoiding translation.

Research Papers

Drawing (4)Powerful Learning Tools
Each topic is introduced through a song and video, which are then amplified by a worksheet. In this way the 4 key skills of language learning -listening, speaking, reading and writing- are fully supported.


Drawing (7)Customised Content
Use our song customisation service to have songs written and performed to any lyrics of your choice and provide your students with a fully personalised learning experience.

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